Together: Celebrating Children Expressing Appetites for God

Yesterday was a celebration for our family. All of our children — the children that I talk about in Together: Growing Appetites for God — were baptized by my husband, Wes.

Ward Family Baptism

I am so thankful and can only give the glory to God. The stories of these children are still being written . . . and only God knows and only time will tell what’s in store for them. But for now, we’re celebrating His hand on them and their desire to trust in Jesus as both Savior and Lord.

Here’s is a video that was shown just before they were baptized. In it, they’re answering these questions . . . Who is Jesus? What is sin? When did you know that you were a sinner and needed a Savior? What are you trusting in for salvation?

We hope this will be of encouragement to any Christ-followers who watch this . . . and if you don’t know Jesus in a personal way, we hope that you’ll just be open to Him.

Thanks for letting me humbly share what God’s doing in our home. We are far from perfect. But He is being good to us. I am so grateful.

Jesus loves me. This I know.

“Get Your Act Together and Then I’ll Save You”

Moses didn’t come to the enslaved Israelites and say, “If you obey these laws, then God will free you from bondage.”


God sent Moses to lead His people to freedom . . . to rescue them.

It was AFTER they had been set free that God gave them the law and told them to remember what He had done for them and to keep His commands.

I recently read the Moses stories, and it’s pretty easy for me to get overwhelmed by the laws and sacrifices and miss what a great picture these stories reveal of Jesus and what he has done for us.

Jesus didn’t come to us and say, “Get your act together and then I’ll save you.” Aren’t you glad?

While you and I were still sinners, Christ died for us. While we were disobedient, He rescued us. He freed us from our slavery. Then He wrote His law on our hearts (that were once like stone). He gave us the Spirit to direct our gaze on Jesus and remind us of what He has done. He gave us soft hearts of gratitude and love–hearts that want to follow God.

The Old Testament has amazing pictures of Christ. And I love it when the Holy Spirit sheds light on the Word so I can see.

Just a Simple Idea to Get You Going

If you’ve been considering reading the Bible to your children, but are somewhat intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea, consider starting with the Jesus Storybook Bible. This amazing book by Sally Lloyd Jones walks you through Bible stories with a focus on seeing Jesus. This is a wonderful tool to help you get into the rhythm of reading Bible stories, especially with very small children. And check out the videos that go along with the stories:

A Couple of Simple Ideas

Routines, it seems, were made to be broken . . . at least by summer. My Bible reading with the kids has had some breaks here and there. (Why? That’s the likely subject of some upcoming blogs.) But, we also like change and spontaneity. Still, with our rhythms being bumped a bit, my husband and I still want to create an atmosphere that continually cultivates all of our appetites for God. Continue reading

Sweet Encouragement to Read Your Bible

Here’s some sweet encouragement to read your Bible from Sara Groves. I need the Word everyday just like Sara talks about … and so do you. Don’t get stuck because you feel bad and guilty. Just pick it up and read a chapter. Remember, just a little bit is OK when you’re stuck. Keep after it. You can do it!

VIDEO: Sara Groves | Encouraging Others to Read the Bible

Folding and Thinking

Yesterday morning I was folding laundry in the hall upstairs, and looking at the sizes trying to figure out which shirt belonged to which kid, etc. These days I’m folding 12′s, 14′s and shirts that cause me to do a double-take to know if it’s my son’s or my husband’s. While folding, I had this wave of melancholy come over me. (This doesn’t always happen while doing laundry!) I lingered over the thought that I only have a handful of years left to share a house with these four, not-so-little-anymore, people of mine. Continue reading

After Dark Days, Salvation!

And [God] will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them.
                                                                         Isaiah 19:20

When the children and I got to the book of Isaiah, we felt we had entered rough waters. I take some comfort in knowing that many readers have a tough time understanding what Isaiah is saying. While there are wonderful prophetic passages about Christ in Isaiah, the long passages about rebellion, judgment, and devastation had taken a toll. Isaiah had been thorny; the reading was having a somber effect on us. Continue reading