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Let’s Pray

Do you need to reboot some of your spiritual disciplines? I’ve got a great resource to recommend. My husband and I have been leading the youth of our church through the book Habits of Grace by David Mathis. Mr. Mathis walks you through the disciplines by placing them in three (extremely helpful) categories: Hear His […]

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I May Have a Map for You

Did you intend to start your adventure through the Bible this year? Do you have the sinking feeling that you’ve missed your opportunity? Well, it’s not, I repeat  it’s NOT, too late. Bible reading is as good an idea on January 31 as it was on January 1. Perhaps what you need is a map, […]

My Best Advice to You

This question I get a lot . . . What is the most important advice you would give to a mom who wants to begin reading the Bible with her kids? My best advice?