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“How do you handle those portions of Scripture that aren’t rated ‘G’?”

When I began reading the Bible with my kids, it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon passages that were rather graphic in content. At first I panicked and tried to quickly come up with some way to convey the story to a preschooler, without arming them with information I was not ready for them to […]

I’m Starting to Understand the Understanding of My Children

Can very young children really understand the Bible? We see the impact of being familiar with Scripture since childhood in the life of Timothy: But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred […]

Can Very Young Children Really Understand the Bible?

“Can very young children really understand the Bible?” This is a great question and one I have been asked over and over again. When I first began reading Scripture with my preschool children, I didn‘t ask myself a lot of questions. I just knew I wanted to read the entire Bible, and with (at that […]

Little Songs, Big Truths and Everyday Life

The first time I read Thessalonians with my kids, I came to the verse “Do not quench the Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:19) and, of course, one of my kids asked “What does quench mean?” I tried to think of a good example. I described a campfire burning. Then I asked them to imagine someone taking […]

Job the Third Time

The first time we read the book of Job together, my kids were between roughly one to six years of age. We had been reading the Bible for a couple of years, so my children’s attention spans had increased and they were pretty attentive … for the first couple of chapters. Job 1 and 2 […]

How Early is Too Early?

I remember, several years ago, Wes and I had a conversation with a young friend of ours (who did not yet have children). He made a statement that went something like this: “I wonder how worthwhile it is to read the Bible to very young children. I mean, how much can they really understand?” I realize […]

Are They Listening?

“The Holy Scriptures may be learned by children as soon as they are capable of understanding anything.”  Charles Spurgeon    When I opened Genesis 1 to start my adventure through the Bible together with our children, we had three kids ages 4, 2 and around 9 months. My plan was to read through the Bible with […]

The Proverbs Project

A few years ago a friend of mine, (who shall not remain nameless) Nancy Leigh DeMoss, made a passing suggestion that I couldn’t seem to forget. I even remember where we were when she lobbed out this idea. We were at Blue Coast Burrito in Little Rock, Arkansas. (I wish they’d open one in Michigan!) Our family was having lunch […]

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Nebuchadnezzar Looks Up

[Note from Carrie: I wrote this back in January 2012. By God’s grace, we’re now well into our fourth trip through reading the Bible together.] My kids and I are reading the Bible for the third time now, and I’m amazed by how God keeps teaching us new things about Him, even in the most […]

Leading Little Ones into Green Pastures

The value of reading the Bible to our little ones is incalculable. Having done this in my oh-so ordinary home, I’ve seen kids grasp — hear and understand — much more than I would have thought they could when I first started reading it out loud to them. (Again, just very simply: one chapter a […]