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Starbucks Moments

I wrote a book.

Sorry. I had to pause for a moment because I’m still getting used to that idea.

Anyway, I did write a book and a sizable portion of this book was written at Starbucks. You see, I have four young children and finding a quiet moment to write in my house is difficult. Even when there is a quiet moment, being there and trying to write is difficult. “Mama instincts” flare up and I want to stop and help with every situation that arises.

So, my husband sends me off to Starbucks to write.

I am grateful for the amount of time I have been allowed to linger at various Starbucks locations in my area. But this “coffee shop” is not without its share of distractions either.

At first it was the loud music that would make it difficult for me to concentrate. I’ve learned to tune that out, or supply my own music.

Now, what tends to distract me more are the people I encounter there.

I was once seated on a couch and across the coffee table in a chair was an older man who reminded me of Chuck Colson. He kept looking up at me and I knew he wanted to engage in a conversation. (Sometimes in my desire to get work done, I lose sight of the fact that I should interact with people.) Finally, I decided that I should look up from my work and let his eyes catch mine. I did and sure enough he spoke up.

“What are you working on?” he asked.

Now I was busy writing a book about reading the Bible to my children. This is prime material for an interesting conversation.

He began to ask why I thought reading the Bible was important and what my thoughts were about Jesus. Then he gave me the title of a book he was reading that, more or less, said that Jesus was a good man but not God. I’m not by nature a good debater or gifted at apologetics, but I explained my view that Jesus is God and we had a pretty lengthy conversation about our beliefs.

He went on to tell me that he had written and published some 15 books of his own. And he gave me some encouraging words about being rejected by publishers but persevering. He also told me how and where he did his writing.

We wrapped up the conversation and shortly afterwards he left. As he was leaving, he wished me luck, and we said good-bye.

I watched him walk away and was moved to pray for this man.

I have many Starbucks stories, but they have all taught me one thing: there are many people out there who need Jesus. They need the Word of God. They need believers living out the Word in front of them.

And, it’s a reminder of how important it is to read the Word. We need Him and we need meditate on His Word. Pray that the Lord will give you (and me!) boldness to speak the name of Jesus in Starbucks . . . and wherever we go.