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The Mom I Want to Be

My family has been passing around some kind of illness for the past two weeks. Whatever this is, it’s been creeping through our house and back again. My oldest two have been sick twice and we’re not done yet. Ick!

Mothering Mistakes and God’s Grace

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several email exchanges and conversations with moms of grown children who wish they could go back and do a few things differently. This includes one conversation with my own mother (who, by the way, was, and is, a spectacular mom). There is no doubt that we all […]

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Being an Everyday Mama is a Sacred Role

In those physically demanding baby and toddler years you can wonder if what you are doing has any real lasting impact. You may spend a lot of time looking at books that have no words, playing with loud toys and getting the entire bathroom wet trying to one kid clean. During these years it can […]

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She Was Staring At Us

Not too long ago my family and I stumbled into the grocery store for another adventure in shopping for food. I sent our oldest son to retrieve a “buggy” while the rest of us stood there getting our bearings. I looked up to see a young woman holding onto a cart with a baby in […]

Embrace the Ordinary

Here are some great reminders of the value of being faithful in the small — hopefully, you’ll get some needed encouragement here to press on and be faithful in delighting in God (and helping others to as well!) when your “mission” is “just” mundane. Tim Challies’ On Doing Ordinary Things This post extols the value of […]

I’m a Mom

Sometimes as a mom it’s easy to get stuck in the day to day, and think that being a mom consists only of doing laundry, picking up toys and settling squabbles over who gets to sit where in the van. While cooking what seems like one endless meal, you can begin to feel that this […]

I’m in the Bathroom!

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook a picture of a small hand coming under the door while mom was in the bathroom. I assured my friend that this pattern doesn’t stop when they get older. Ok, they no longer try to slide their big hands under the door.

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A Review: Rachel Jankovic’s Fit to Burst

I first came across Rachel Jankovic when I read Motherhood is a Calling (And Where Your Children Rank) on the Desiring God blog. I resonated with her thoughts on motherhood and the value of children.